About Us

Successful businesses depend on creating long-lasting, profitable relationships with their clients. With management having many years’ experience in the internet industry, we’ve helped some of South Africa’s largest brands attract, grow, manage and retain profitable and loyal customers.

What puts us at the leading edge of the Internet industry is our abilty (and willingness!) to deliver unsurpassed service levels, product innovation and superior management systems to our customers.

Amongst our more than 200 customers, we count some of South Africa’s largest brand names including:

  • Edgars Club
  • Incredible Connection
  • Momentum Mulitply
  • Sahara Online
  • Sanlam Reality
  • Matrix Warehouse
  • Musica
  • PC Format Magazine
  • Phoenix Software
  • Jet Connect

Management Systems

Our custom-developed systems have been designed for redundancy and scalability and include more than a decades’ worth of fine tuning and upgrades. The resulting systems are thus highly specialised and perfectly tailored to support our business, and that of our customers.

Dedication to our customers

We are deeply committed to our customers and are proud of what we have achieved. Together we occupy a significant position in the ISP industry and our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the innovation and flexibility required for us to all grow into the dominant force in the South African ISP industry.

Strategic Consulting

We understand the challenges in the market - what our customers deal with on a daily basis. We are committed to bringing the best and freshest ideas to our customers and pride ourselves on our thought leadership in this high-tech service industry. With an unparalleled knowledge of Internet Service Provider operations, we can help you grow and profit.

“ Our business model is based solely on the success of our customer. We strive every day to produce exciting products and innovative management systems to help our customers achieve greater success.” Darryn Lubie, GM

Meet our Management Team

Data Pathway’s management team is dedicated to ensuring delivery, improving service levels and of course the fun part, innovation! With all of us supported by departments filled with youthful and highly gifted individuals, we’re kept on our toes and make sure we bring our ‘A Game to work every day.’

More about your ISP division

1. Carel Haefele – Head of Finance

The Accounting Superman of DP, he spear heads our monthly end user billing and debit order runs. With the support of his sidekicks, he sees no kryptonite in financial challenges!

2. Darryn Lubie – General Manager

Our sergeant major runs all operations- the running of the business and a large 24hr helpdesk team whilst ensuring all complex projects are planned and executed to the ‘T’ – as if on the frontline. Roger that captain.

3. Deon Stroebel – Head of Sales and Wholesale

Deon, easily the best combination of nice + business sense all rolled up in one, he’s either arranging a great deal or the first to offer help with a new and exciting project.