Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reseller?

Data Pathway Resellers receive a comprehensive white label ISP service where you, a company or an individual business owner, can sell internet services to your end user base.

The offering becomes the "look and feel" of your existing branding, and the entire back end structure, such as support, billing, server maintenance etc, is supplied and managed by us at Data Pathway.

The benefits of this offering includes amongst others, making a monthly profit per user, extending your company branding, and keeping ownership of your clients through a monthly subscription.

What do you get as a Reseller?

We will provide you, the Reseller, with the following:
  • A domain for the ISP
  • A template based client website
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Call Centre Support for you and your end users
  • Billing your end users every month on a debit order for Internet services/li>
  • Our full product set including Hard cap ADSL, Soft cap ADSL, ISDN, Web Hosting, uncapped, ADSL lines etc

How much does it cost?

We charge a once of start-up fee of R900.00 including VAT and a monthly fee of R575.00 including VAT, which is billed on the 1st working day of every month.

The start-up fee includes the domain registration, template based website and administration costs.

How do I make money?

Data Pathway provides you with wholesale prices for each of our products. You then decide on the markup/profit margin depending on your companies' business model..

Data Pathway will then bill the end users for the retail price (wholesale + markup) on the first working day of each month. You will receive your portion (retail minus the wholesale price) on or around the 15th of each month.

The first payment to you will be approximately 45 days after the first billing run as to allow for charge backs from client debit orders. For example, if the customer is debited on the 27th of January (for the month of February), the Reseller's payment will be made between the 15th and the 20th of March. Following that all Reseller payments are made between the 15th and 20th of every month.

What are the wholesale prices?

The wholesale prices are on request, so click here to submit a request.

How do my Users sign up for products?

The End User signup is completed on your Reseller website. The customer can choose the product they want and enter their details. Our systems are fully automated, so there is no waiting period for the products to activate.

Once the client has finished the sign up they can start using the internet. If they need assistance they will call the support centre on 0861 HELP DESK (435 733) where a support agent will provide telephonic support to ensure the customer has a hassle free experience.

Can I have my own website for my BISP?

Yes you can design your own website for your ISP, Data Pathway will provide you with the links to all the essential parts of the website which will simply be copied into the website code.

Take note that an additional cost of R40 once off and R76 monthly will be added to the normal fees

When can I start selling my products?

Once the online signup has been completed an EFT deposit must be made to Data Pathway for the once off fee of R900.00.

You will also receive a contract which must be signed on each page and faxed to the following number: 086 676 1096.

After all these details have been submitted your ISP will be ready to sign up users within 24 Hours.