The Management Systems of Data Pathway

Successful Internet Service Provider businesses depend on creating long-lasting relationships with customers. And that is exactly what our management systems help you do: attract, grow, manage and retain profitable customers.

We believe in empowering our Branded ISPs, and by giving you complete access to our management systems you remain in control of your own ISP and of your customers.

Our management systems have been designed with a number of key philosophies in mind which make your task of managing your ISP and your customers an easy thing to do:

Advantages of our management systems :
  • Simplicity
  • All of our management systems are web-based and can be used over any Internet connection.

  • Reliability
  • Our systems are built upon a solid foundation of Open Source software, including Linux and PHP.

  • Flexibility
  • By designing our systems in a modular fashion we allow for maximum flexibility and painless growth.

  • Total Cost Of Ownership
  • You achieve a significant TCO advantage for your ISP business by removing many of the costs normally associated with running ISPs.