Our Datapathway reseller services enable you to offer a full product suite of internet services to your user base,on your behalf and branded in your name,but where the operational backend of the ISP services completely outsourced.

As a Branded ISP reseller,you would receive cost pricing on an entire range of internet services which you would then on-sell to your own customer,branded in your own name.

Depending on your business needs,you'll then decide for yourself what you would like you.

Product make up and retail pricing to be.These products can then be used to create new annuity revenue streams,customer incentives and marketing opportunities.

In other words,companies can have their own ISP with their own brand,and enjoy the financial and other benefits of that without incurring the major costs or operational requirement associated with staff,equipment,and system.

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Do you run or want to start a Loyalty programme?

Companies with large customer bases can leverage off Data Pathways reseller offering to introduce a highly successful loyalty programme to their customers.

By becoming a reseller, many companies have used our broadband product offering to:

  • Launch highly successful loyalty programmes.
  • Increase customer loyalty and brand value.
  • Retain and grow their customer base.

Retailers have successfully used Data Pathways Reseller offering.

Companies with a large in-store presence can leverage off Data Pathways offering to extend their product range and brand name.

By becoming a branded reseller, many retail store have used our broadband product offering to:

  • Bundle with existing products and drive sales
  • Attract new customers with specail promotions.
  • Retain existing customers with value added products.

Add ISP services to your existing product range tomorrow.

You can leverage off our offering to extend your product range and customer offering.

By becoming a branded reseller, many retail store have used our broadband product offering to:

  • Increase their product range.
  • Grow profits and margins across their basket of products.
  • Increase their competitiveness throught innovative offering.
Customer billing & debit orders
Web based ISP management system
Independent network on Seacom and SAT3
Customer support 24x7
Fully automated ISP template & system

What is Branded ISP?

  • We set you up as comprehensive ISP
  • We collect your monthly billing
  • You market and sell the ISP to your base
  • No infrastructure requied

Why become a Branded ISP?

  • Monthly annual revenue
  • Retain owenrship of your clients
  • Build your own database of clients
  • Extent your brand
  • Assistance in marketing campaigns

Why Partner with Data Pathway?

  • Symbiotic partnership between our companies
  • Complimentry marketing facilities
  • Loyalty and brand building
  • Add value to your brand