Wholesale Products

Wholesale ADSL

With the Branded Internet wholesale ADSL offering you receive a unique realm for all of your capped ADSL users. With our wholesale ADSL usage based billing model, traffic is calculated on a monthly basis across all users created on the realm unique to the ISP. This means that your company can be very flexible with the price per gig as ISP will receive the breakage*. The price per gig is calculated on a volume based model where the more you use the less you pay per gig.

Bonus ADSL

This is a Soft capped service which includes local only traffic once the blended cap has been reached. Bonus ADSL consists of a range of accounts starting with 1gig, a 1 gig ADSL account has an additional 10gig of local only data that is available for use once the customer has finished the blended data cap.

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Basic Express Uncapped

The Basic express uncapped accounts are consumer based uncapped ADSL accounts. This accounts are subject to an acceptable usage policy (AUP) . The fair usage works on a 3 month rolling period where the users that are not within the fair usage will be moved to a separate network to ensure that these users do not affect the rest of the network.

Business Uncapped

Data Pathway has released a Business Uncapped ADSL product that has not only made high quality business ADSL affordable, but flexible and easy as well. With Data Pathway Wholesale you can sell BIDSL Business ADSL and charge very competitive prices while still making healthy margin. Options available include 384Kbps, 1Mbps, 4Mbps and 10Mbps.

Data Pathway’s wholesale division is always striving to provide new and exciting products. Please watch this space for up and coming products.