Data Pathway supplies new or current ISPs with wholesale ADSL data on our independent ADSL network running on both the Seacom Backbone with SAT3 failover. Based on this infrastructure, we provide users with unparalleled redundancy and Network uptime.

Data Pathways usage based billing ensures that you only pay for what you use,and this unique costing model is aimed at making the product affordable to all our partners. Our API system was developed to allow for seamless integration into existing system as well as an easy to use GUI for ISPs starting out.

With all changes in the ISP market it has become increasingly difficult for ISPs to be price compititive. We at the Data Pathway understand that between the suppliers high prices and the public demand for cheaper ADSL, it's you the ISP,who suffers and has to cut your margin down.With our competitive pricing,you can remain competitive and still make enough profit to butter your bread and eat it too!Our business model puts us in your corner,giving you the power and ability to compete.

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From my personal experience with our wholesale ISP partners, I have found that ISP's want to have a supplier that provides a high quality product at good price; but most importantly they want high quality customer service from a supplier that is on their side. We have a unique business model where we don't make money off of our customers; but along with our partners. I want to empower our partners and give them all tools they need to be successful. After all, my success depends on your success!

- Deon Stroebel (Head Of Wholesale)


We work on usage based billing model where the ISP only pays for the ADSL Bandwidth used on their unique realm. Also, with our tiered pricing structure you pay less per gig the more gigs you use.


With our powerful API the ISP is in full control of his users. You're able to create,suspend,cancel,top-up, upgrade or downgrade account.The API is available in GUI (Graphical User Interface) or using our REST web Services that can communicate in HTML and JSON object for easy integration into existing CRM systems.


Our wholesale division offers a full range of ADSL and Hosting solutions.


Data Pathway runs on an independent ADSL network and we have our own IPC's with SAIX and peer with Seacom and SAT3. All primary network traffic runs on Seacom and the SAT3 capacity is used for redundancy.


Each ISP receives a unique realm for their users. This means your customers will have an ADSL username like this: